Welcome to Thirteen Cents Short!

This is the page of E. Prybylski, author of the Smoke and Magic series. The first book is due to come out in December, 2021.

In addition to E’s writing, you will find her blog posts about her work as an editor and writing advice for those who are looking to further their own writing journeys! The blog page has a decade’s worth of writing advice to keep you rolling. If you need editing help or want to chat with E. you can find her in her Discord channel where she runs a weekly writers’ meeting.

The blog is updated twice a week. Monday is writing advice and industry commentary as well as the occasional guest blog, and Friday is home to her “Fallen Fridays” series which is a discussion of her personal writing, sometimes short stories, and tidbits about the world of Smoke and Magic.

Latest Posts

Fallen Friday: Working Vacation

In short, I’m back all the richer for my trip, and I’ll be getting right back to the business of writing, Twitter, and the rest. It’s nice to be home with my cats, but no small part of me continues to long for the quiet of the lake where I could write and listen to the loons call back and forth in the gloaming and mornings were shrouded in mist so thick I couldn’t see past the end of the dock, and it felt like the rest of the world ended there, in the smooth, glassy waters of Loon Lake.

Writing With Disability

A lot of writers I meet talk about how they aren’t sure they can write because they have ADHD, dyslexia, or various other learning disorders, neurological conditions, or other such difficulties that impact their ability to write. With that in mind, I thought I’d write about how I do it because I am neurodivergent and have multiple physical difficulties that heavily impact my ability to write.

Fallen Friday: Tea

Her name was Grace. She was the barista at my favorite coffee shop, and I saw her every morning on my way to work. And every morning she gave me the same bright smile.